Story Book Furnishings®

About these products:

In this collection find reclaimed and re-purposed wood re-imagined as one-of-a-kind light fixtures, chairs, tables, bar stools, fireplace mantles, table wine racks, wood shelves, bookcases, desks, and more! Story Book Furnishings® are designed for practical, everyday use are as durable as they are unique and beautiful.

Our Story Book Furnishings® are created out of the branches of the iconic California Manzanita tree, along with other local reclaimed wooden pieces. Manzanita is a protected tree in California, therefor all of the pieces used to make our furniture and accessories come from fallen trees. This whimsical product line inspires the imagination and brings a bit of the wild home. The Story Book Furnishings® line was inspired by our historic (and beloved) Hugh Comstock Fairytale Cottages in Carmel-by-the Sea.

Manzanita is a dense and slow growing arid climate tree. It wonderfully gnarled branches and varied color tones come as result of the harsh weather conditions the tree endures. It is a very hard wood and difficult to work with. Sophisticated woodworking techniques are necessary in the production of these pieces.  Deceptively rustic, our Story Book Furnishings® are masterfully crafted without the use of any hardware.