Memories of The Gilded Age

Top Left Marjorie Harvey Smith, Top right Jennie Dewitt Harvey, Seated Center
Baby Harrison Harvey Smith
Family country home at Glen Summit, Pennsylvania

This week we had another visit from our amazing clients Marjorie and Dale. As we were chatting about their love for Berebi, Dale shared with us a special family photo. Marjorie keeps the photo in a Berebi frame on her chest of drawers.The portrait includes four generations of Marjorie’s family and was taken on the day of her Father’s christening, 100 years ago. Marjorie says the photo and frame remind her of her late relatives, and the gilded age in which her grand and great grand parents lived. A century away, yet ever present in her heart.

Like Marjorie, many of us have photos that we cherish of family and loved ones. There are many ways we can choose to care for them and display them- in a photo album or momento trunk, in a shadow box with other items, or in a frame. Our Edgar Berebi frames are a wonderful way to showcase the most treasured of photos.

Do you have a treasured photo in a Berebi frame you would like to share with us? Please do get in touch!

Marjorie and Dale, thank you for sharing your stories, smiles, and witty humor. We look forward to your visits and hope to see you again soon!


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